With Superb Features and Functionalities

The Application is fully enriched with enhanced and advanced Stamp Editions to get you scintillating captured clicks with perfect Stamps.


Manual On/Off Functionality

Select Date-Time or signature or GPS stamp by manually on/off functionality.


Click with Inbuilt Camera

No more requirement to use application’s in-built as you can click images with phone’s camera only.


Control over Stamps

You can adjust the format of the stamp as per your choice that will match your image theme.


Simple & Elegant Interface

The user interface is designed in most simple and Elegant way to use


Real-time sync

You can add current time and date anywhere and anytime in as many images as you want .


Complete package

Single app which provides you all the stamps i.e. Date and Time, Signature and GPS.

All Exclusive Stamps

Take a look at all-in-one stamp package which will make your pictures looks perfect like never before .

App Screenshots

Auto Stamper features elegant layout to make your work more easy and your pictures more unique.


Have a look to reviews.


Abhishek Gupta

November 28,2016

No Match Outstanding.. Unique app. So easy. Best function you can use your inbuilt camera app. Kudos for your efforts. Come with more interesting apps. Go for it guys.

Amazing work


Doc School

November 11,2016

Awesome again. Had some difficulty but email response is timely with lot of information to use should that in future. Thank you for your help and a nice app. keep up the good work.

Awesome again


Jane Casitas

August 8,2016

I dont like it, I love it! Very nice application, I finally found it, I been looking for this to have in my galaxy s5 and note 4. thanks a lot. Many thumbs up to u guys 🙂

It's amazing


Tom Ard

August 8,2016

This application is fantastic and customizable. Customer service is excellent and VERY responsive . These people will are fantastic! This is the very best time/date photo application out there.

Ideal for Investigators


John Wiles

July 10,2016

Very slick I really like that this app works automatically with factory camera. Lots of options give very nice results. Works great my ZTE Lever. Muy bueno.

This is a great app


J Boom

July 10,2016

very useful stamper app!!
This app is the most useful date & signature stamper app in play store. and customer service is excellent. 👍

very useful stamper app!!

Where you can use Auto Stamper

Instances where you can make use of stamps and make your images perfect


During Traveling

To all those people who love travelling, here is the application that can make your travelling more joyful as you can stamp images with location which will make your image perfect. The stamps will add beauty to images that people will love to view in future. Now travel more, stamp more and make your images live to view lifelong.


Auspicious Occasions

People love to click images when they are at some family functions, occasions, get together, etc. So Auto Stamper is most preferable application that mark your photos in most efficient and perfect manner. Make and mark your memories more beautifully by downloading the application.


Security Purpose

Professional photographers who always fear that their images will be stolen by someone for their personal reasons as no copyright rules guarantee that it will not be violated. Now for all professionals, you can freely Stamp images with your signature text the moment you capture the image in most easy and accurate way.


For your business

Create your own company stamp as per your likings that you can use to stamp on all those images that are taken at meetings, special events, etc. in your organization for publications purpose. This will help you to get ride of all those stuff that you require mostly for printing company’s stamp after the image is snapped.



If you are going to have an event in few days and you want to make people become known of it through images. So you can make use of all the stamps at the same time on the pictures you took in the past successful event to make your image perfect for promotion so that people can get most of information from images


For your special days

There are moments in your life which are special for you that you want to make it memorable by capturing those images. So to add more specialty to those moments, capture and mark those images with Auto Stamper which will make your image so perfect that you will love to view that image in future.

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